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Thoroughly confused (and a bit upset)

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'Napoleon Dynamite' Comes As Animated Television Series on Fox - Watch The Trailer

Fox today released a whole smorgasbord of trailers for their new TV Series and as a fan of movies, there's one that particularly jumps out at us.  Napolean Dynamite: The Animated Series.  Of course, all of these shows probably only have a pilot episode if that, but it's fun to see this awkwardly hilarious comedy come to life as an animated cartoon.  Best of all, the old cast members lend their voices including Jon Heder.
If you can't wait to see this one, you'll have to wait a bit longer as the series won't air until 2012 but in the meantime enjoy the trailer:

Now chances are, this show will be cancelled.  Why?  Two reasons.  One, it's about seven years too late.  The movie came out in 2004 and while there are still diehard fans like Bill Gates who was once quoted as saying that this is his favorite movie of all time, I think many people have forgotten to care.  Second, this type of comedy is just strange.  Sure, I appreciate it, but ask around.  You'll get a ton of people who absolutely hate it or don't know what all the fuss is about.  Therefore, it doesn't have the mass appeal like Family Guy or The Simpsons.  Being Animated helps but the best we can hope for is King of the Hill type of ratings. 

Friday, May 27, 2011


Who likes Minecraft??

"We do!" Cried all the little children, with gusto.

I like Minecraft. Like a lot a lot. I made my own map at one point, you can find it HERE if it strikes your fancy!
It is a smaller map, with a difficulty of KIND OF HARD. (Using technical terms, sorry)
I am also working on a silly texture pack. It certainly won't be much, but thats okay! I am re-designing the weapons, a few of the items, and making the mobs seem a bit less... boring.

In other news! I have begun playing Terraria, what seems to be a Minecraft rip-off. It is. But it is still hecka fun! I advise anyone who likes Minecraft to play Terraria, immediately. And if you have been living under a rock, but still manage to know what Terraria is, I advise you to play Minecraft. Now. A lot.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friends, listen!
Just click it. Don't question my authority. ...Please.

In the meantime, look at this picture. Look at it.

New Post??

First post in a while, finally got internet back :D :D

To start off the summer, here is me. Me drumbing.
Just recently I entered Zildjians "Drummer Love" competition, and this was my entry video. Not the best quality, but I suppose it gets the point across.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Now for something completely different.

I have realized that I think a lot. A whole lot. And then I realize that most of the time, I can't remember what I thought of, which is unfortunate, because sometimes I really like the things I realize on my own. So, I decided to start a journal-type thing that EVERYONE CAN SEE. Because whats the point of keeping my mind all to myself? No, I won't tag anyone in these notes, they're kinda for my own gain anyways. But if anyone gets curious, you know these are here. Now, without further ado, Thoughts, Pt. 1, by Nathan Day.

Society has destroyed our perception of beauty. Obvious, right? I came to realize that (physical) attraction is so much less than skinny women, skimpy clothes, and all that jazz that every guy seems to obsess over. I think that attraction has more to do with uniqueness. Listening to a few friends talk about a certain girl they find attractive, I started thinking about it (after looking at a picture of said lady). I realized that this girl is just a typical college girl. I didn't find her attractive at all. I mean, pretty, yes, but I was not physically attracted to her (not to mention any other kind of attraction, but I can get to that later). To me, this girl looked just like any other high school/college girl that you would see on billboards, movies, TV, magazines, and the like. (And not that photo-manipulated stuff, either. Just a typical pretty American young lady.) I was, bored of her, in a sense, despite the fact that it was the first time I had seen her. At first I thought that this was just a personal opinion kind of deal, but more and more stuff kept coming at me. I think that beauty (while being relative) all has to do with uniqueness. I don't understand why anyone would even try to be like someone else they saw. It takes away from who they are as a person (cliché, I know), and makes them less appealing in a sense, or, boring. I find myself attracted to the girl who isn't afraid to go out without makeup, or the one that doesn't try too hard to cover up her acne. Acne is natural, everyone! Now, I like a lady with makeup, by all means. It shows that they do care about making themselves presentable, but at the same time, I need to keep in mind that it is kind of a mask. A female who tries really hard to look good using makeup, comes off as insecure to me, not more attractive. I think that women need to realize that (getting to the root of it) they are trying to attract men with all that makeup, but there are definitely men out there that will find you attractive regardless. Don't try so hard!

Another thing. When I say "unique", I don't mean unique to such an extreme to where you're creepy. Don't make up your own language.

Conclusions to this thought, I say to all the people out there, don't be someone else. Would that not mean that someone would be attracted to that someone else, and not you?